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Castle Acre Makers Market - May 2015

May 12, 2015

You know, I love a bit of sunshine. I sometimes forget just how energising and alive it can make you feel, so when I was asked to set up my very first outside stall I was tentative but also quite relived. Working from home can be tricky at times, especially when the sun is out. It's always incredibly tempting to throw your hands in the air and say "No, I am going to the beach!"




Having a day to bask in the sun and sell my wares is the best of both worlds, and although I did have to hold most of my stall in place with rocks, it was certainly worth the effort.


Castle Acre is such a wonderful little spot, and there are plenty of dog walkers around the castle grounds. A lot of them stopped by to see Val Hallah and her doggie treat stall, standing guard was her fabuous poodle who was so well behaved all day.







There were also lots of children at this fair, many of them playing in the outdoors whilst adults enjoyed a cup of tea in the sun. It was this sense of playfulness and smiles and community spirit that keeps me coming back to Castle Acre time and time again.




Of course, there were also plenty of gorgeous stalls, everything from mosiac, to glass etching, to silver jewellery, to photographic prints. I always adore seeing what other makers can do, and was particularly inspired by two young ladies Sophie and Charlie (aged 9) who had their own jewellery brand called Bon Bon.










We traded jewellery with each other which was nice, I'm sure next time they come along we'll remember each other and inspire each other too :) Ended up going home with a sage plant, 2 strawberry plants and a pepper plant too! Along with lots of smiles.

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