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My Self Employed Routine

May 7, 2015


Being Self Employed can be lots of fun but it can also be difficult juggling your time and getting motivated when it's all too tempting to stay under the duvet! Having a routine written down has really helped, as you can sometimes forget little things.




7:30am - "Why? Why am I awake?" *hits alarm and rolls over*


8:00am - "Oh my gosh! Craft Fair today!"


8:15am - I'll wake up and make sure I have a breakfast, or at very least a couple of cups of tea. Usually I find eating before 9am difficult. Normally I'll opt for something high in fibre like porridge with banana or jam in.




8:30am- I then spend about half an hour doing my hair and make-up and picking my outift. I normally go for something cute and laid back at craft fairs, and make sure I wear comfortable shoes too.


9:00am - I'll be out the door, and nip past the post office or post box, and then I'll be on some mode of public transport to get to the craft fair for just before 10am to set up. Most craft fairs will open to the public at 11am and run til 4 or 5pm. Sometimes I have to provide my own table so I'll have a wheely case in one hand and a fold-out pasting table in the other. It's basically a gym work-out and weight training session.




9:45am- Arrive nice and early and start setting up table, if I haven't already I'll have worked up an appetite for breakfast and a cup of tea too.


10:45am- My table will all be set and ready to go- cue Craft Fair Selfie or a photo of how my stall is laid out. Plus, I'll go round the other stalls and gather photos and business cards for my blog too. I'll also be sure to make friends with the stall holders next to me, just in case I need to leave my stall to nip to the loo or grab a bite to eat.



11:00am- "Yey! Customers have arrived!"


1:00pm - By this point the initial buzz of the fair dies down a little. I'll take this opportunity to snack and to chat to other stall holders, swap stories about our companies and network. Cue lunch time Twitter and Instagram posts. I'll usually pack a sandwich for my travels but am always tempted by a cheese based pastry if I spot one on a neighbouring stall.




2:00pm- Trade starts to pick back up, and these are usually my most "creative" hours. I like to take things to make to craft fairs, people seem to love watching me assemble necklaces. It shows people my products are handmade, and also gives them a chance to chat and ask questions in a relaxed way.


4:45pm- You'll always get that last minute sale!


5:10pm - I'll start packing up and doing a final tally of my sales, and be sure to thank the host of the craft stall for having me- a little kindness goes a long way.


5:30 pm - I'll be travelling back to Norwich on public transport again. Sometimes with motion sickness. Me and buses don't like each other.


6:00pm - Finally home! I'll have a rest and a cup of tea. I'll upload mobile phone pictures onto my laptop and do a Facebook post about the event. The catch up on daily news, reply to emails and order any stock I need for the next week.




7:00pm - "Errr.... I should probably eat tea." *makes some kind of light pasta dish*


8:00pm -  I'll go through diary and decide that yes, actually, I do need to make more earrings for the craft sale tomorrow. Cue late night jewellery making session in the studio.


10:30pm- "Errrr... I should probably stop making stuff and sleep because my eyes hurt."


11:45pm- I'll actually decide to go to bed after a nice hot shower and a cup of chamomile tea.






So that it, a day working in the life of me. During the week I tend to schedule my Facebook and Twitter posts, but I will always have something to do- whether it's taking product photos, answering emails or nipping to the post office to send orders.


I do sometimes relax though; usually mid-week as weekend tend to be days where I have a craft sale or stock take to do. If I have a break I'll spend the afternoon in my courtyard sketching out new designs or flicking through magazines for inspiration!


Want to see what other deisgner-makers are up to? I was so inspired by this blog: http://www.theprivatelifeofagirl.com/2014/11/my-creative-process-the-daily-routine.html



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