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My Little Frenchie Box

February 21, 2015

Ah! We love a surprise in the mail! And today this rather gorgeous gift arrived- the beautiful My Little Box. A monthly gift of lovliness and surprises for a monthly subscription (£14.95 per month a at www.mylittlebox.co.uk). We found out about this from My Little App- an android app that surprises you every day with cute tips, hint, photos and downloads.



 I absolutely love the French colour scheme- good old red white and blue! Even the box is super pretty, I'm going to use it to stash my make-up at home. Inside the box was a real treat though, a lovely little pick-me-up for the middle of the week:


 My french is a little bit limited, so I just had to find out what was in this gorgeous scarlet box first!

 Inside was the cutest little jar (worth £6.50 on the label)  filled with paper scrolls, each paper scroll had cute quotes, beauty tips and fashion hints written inside, each closed with a gold jump ring. I'm going to keep this on my desk for when I get a moment of mindfulness. I may re-use the jar for something special... haven't uite decided what yet though...



 I then had to check out this cute box, which reminds me a little of an old airmail package. I was so thrilled to find a smartphone case inside. I've been nedding one ever since I brought my new Galaxy S5. I practically run half my bsuiness off my mobile phone, so this was very warmly recieved! (Worth £16)


 My diary also fits into the mini pcket at the front, so it's certainly going to help me keep organised. Red is also one of my favourite colours too, I have a black phone which tends to get lost a lot (especially if I leave it on top of my black coat. At least in it's cover I'll never lose it again! (Famous last words!)

 Next up, was this gorgeous drawstring bag, choc full of lovely make-up. I'm sure I'll find a good use for this bag too, maybe fortaking toiletries and things with me on my next travelling adventure.


 The first thing to catch my eye was this beautiful japanese packaging. I can't say I use oil blotting paper, my skin tends to go quite dry in the winter, but this may become useful in the summer, especially if I get an unexpected breakout! These papers are worth £4.00 for 100 sheets from DHC. 

 Another thing that may be useful for me this summer is this gorgeous peach tint from My Little Corner (worth £9.50) . I burn like anything in the sun and can never get a healthy glow. Sometimes it's fun being pale and interesting, but if I do fancy a bit of a holiday sunkissed look then I have this to fall back on!

 L'Oreal is one of my favourite make-up brands, and we all know brows are hot news at the moment. I got L'Oreal's Brow Artist Pumper in Light/Medium. I have very dark eyebrows so the colour is no good for me, but I'm sure it'll come in handy as a little girl for one of my girl friends at some point, so I've stashed it away for good measure.

 The last thing in the drawstring bag was something I'll certainly use though! A gorgeous Black Kohl Pencil by Terry. (Worth a whopping £23!) This rain-friendly eyeliner is great for creating a smokey eye and will stay on whatever the weather. I even got a Special Offer coupon to schedule an appointment with one of the Terry Make Up Artosts at a Terry Counter in Harrods. Unfortunately I don't live in London, but I would be snapping this up if I did!

 And last, but not least, was this cute quote poster and My Little World magazine. The Magazine featured the muse Ines De La Fressange who was Karl Langerfeild's inspiration for couture brand Chanel. Inside, there's a really lovely interview with her, a franch style photoshoot, recipes for french cakes and lots of hair and make-up tutorials too. 


Well, I'm certainly glad I signed up for this, my first box was just £10 and I managed to get so much lovely stuff, boxes are now £14.95 onwards for me, but I'm going to keep the subscription. Sometimes we all need a little surprise to make our month feel that bit happier, and I'll happily sacrifice a couple of cocktails for this lovely monthly gift! Get yours at www.mylittlebox.co.uk


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