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Life In a Fine City Fair

December 19, 2014

Ah the Birdcage! This has to be one of my favourite bars in Norwich. It's just so quirky and they make some pretty mean cocktails in there too! This would be my very last fair before I finally retire to making jewellery for the new year and fufilling Christmas orders, so I decided to just take it slow and look after myself.

And when I say look after myself, what I really mean is being good to the soul- with happiness, creativity and of course a free mince pie and mulled wine!

One of the things I really love about the Birdcage is the amazing ceiling, brimming with Monarch buttrflies, certainly gets my creativity going!

We were happy to see some delicious cakes and bread by Pandora's Kitchen. I've heard their cafe does a brilliant fry-up too, I must go find out some time!

I also loved all these candy coloured goodies for the little ones. I sometimes wish I had a neice or nephew young enough.

Well, half way through the day, the smell of bread was making me hungry. I didn't exactly fancy eating a whole french abgette with no butter or filling, so I popped across the road to my absolte favourite chippy. Arguably the best fish and chips in the country!

Chicken nuggest and chips, of course! With lots of salt and vinegar. It's been my favourite since I was about 4, and I'm not changing my ways now. I honestly think I'm just a child trapped in an adult's body, but oh well. 


Funnily enough, I had suddenly made friends with the pub cat. The craft fair was lovely, laid back, and just reminded me how thankful I am to be in this gorgeous city of Norwich, along with crafty people, good food and a cup of earl grey with Emma from House of Handmade.


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